Stain Concrete Floors Yourself

posted on Jan 18, 2016| tags:



In case you have a few hours free through the weekend, then you have plenty of time to stain concrete floors yourself. This do-it-yourself project can result in floors you can be very pleased with. When using an acid based stain additionally, you will be getting a floor that is virtually maintenance free. Caffeine reaction between the minerals from the floor and the acid inside the stain make it hence the color will not fade while confronting the elements, and will not peel from heavy visitors. -stained_concrete-


If this is the first time you will be staining concrete floors yourself, this might be a good idea to purchase an all-inclusive concrete staining kit. These kits contain nearly all you need to get started, and many even have a step-by-step guide on how to perform whole process.


It's not necassary to be intimidated using this type of project, even if you are utilizing an acid based stain. It's a great job for both new and experienced do-it-yourselfers to dive in